Saturday, February 7, 2015

4 Benefits of Bigger Breasts

In a recent survey by the Huffington Post, women were asked if they’d rather have a higher IQ or bigger breasts. The results were that 41 percent would rather have a larger bust size than a higher IQ. This should not be too surprising since having a bigger bust can affect a woman's life in several positive ways. Here are four benefits of bigger breasts for women.

1) Greater Self-Confidence

When a woman’s breast size increases, so does her self-confidence. Being one or two cup sizes larger could make a woman feel more desirable and seductive, which then triggers a boost to her self-esteem. Having greater self-confidence carries over into other aspects of a woman's life as well, not just her relationships with men. Higher self-esteem will likely improve all of her relationships and raise her level of overall satisfaction with life.

2) Improved Appearance

When your self-confidence is increased, you also tend to look better. Not only will your smile be more radiant but your body will look better too. Having bigger breasts allows a woman to improve her overall appearance. A larger bust makes the hips and waist look smaller, which creates the appearance of the coveted hourglass figure.

3) Easier to Shop for Clothing

It can be a challenge to find clothing that makes a small bust look good. Dresses that fit are difficult to find if your breasts are small. With a bigger bust size, not only will clothes fit better, swimsuits will too. This is because swimsuits that fit well are really hard to find when you only have an A cup.

4) Better Sex Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, a larger bust size is going to improve your sex life. There is no denying that breasts are sexual and having a bigger pair will make you feel sexier. Women with bigger breasts have been reported to be more relaxed in bed since they don’t worry whether their partners are wishing that their breasts are bigger. Relaxation and self-confidence are both key to the enjoyment of sex.

Clearly, any woman would want greater self-confidence, improved appearance, easier clothes shopping, and a better sex life. Really there is every reason to want to have bigger breasts and very few reasons not to. Fortunately, a bigger bust is quite achievable without going under the knife. It just takes a little time and effort.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i recently found your blog and I have some questions.
Ive been doing the breast massage the way you described (although I found it on another website) for almost a month and I see no results. It doesn't seem like I'm doing something wrong. What does that mean? Can that method not work for me?
I'm also 15 and I'm preety shy about that subject and don't want my mother or older sister to be involved in this. Therefore, there is no way to buy herbs or creams. Can breast massage effect my breasts by itself?
Thank you very much! :)

Caitlin MacKenna said...

It's possible that it may not work for you, but it's more likely that you're not performing the massage correctly, not doing enough repetitions, or need more time. Review the instructions in my article, do the maximum number of repetitions, and give it more time.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I will! :)
And I have another question: I so the repetitions exactly like your instructions (and the drawing), yet my right hand circles in a counter-clockwise, and my left hand circles counter-clockwise (as opposed to what you said). Even in the drawing in the article it seems the opposite than what written.
What am I misunderstanding?
Thank you again and sorry for bothering!

Caitlin MacKenna said...

I don't know what you're not understanding. The description and the diagram match up perfectly. I would not have included the diagram if they didn't.

Anonymous said...

ok I looked at the article again and understood my mistake, I was doing the repetitions correctly all along :)
You've helped me a lot, Thanks!