Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 Simple Home Remedies for Natural Breast Enlargement

Many women wish to have larger breasts. Some are even willing to undergo expensive and risky breast augmentation surgery to get them. There is an alternative to going under the knife, however. Natural breast enlargement methods can give women bigger breasts if they are willing to invest a little time and effort. Most of these methods are simple and easy as well.  These five home remedies will help you get bigger, fuller, and firmer breasts.

1) Onion Juice

Onions can be used as a home remedy for natural breast enlargementt. Mix fresh onion juice with honey and turmeric and massage this mixture on your breasts. Apply this mixture twicee a week at night and wash it off the next morning.

2) Red Lentils

To make this home remedy, Soak red lentils in warm water for 1-2 hours. Grind them into a paste. Then, apply this paste all overyour breasts. You do not need to massage with this paste. Just leave it on for a half hour, and then wash it off with water.

3) Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil can also be used for breast enlargement. When massaged into the breasts, it will help increase blood circulation. This will help to increase breast size. Plus, wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E, which prevents sagging breasts and helps keep them firm. Just massage a few drops of wheat germ oil in a circular motion into your breasts for five minutes twice daily..

4) Breast Massage

Breast massage has benn used for centuries in Asia to increase breast size. Massaging breasts increases blood circulation and prolactin production. Prolactin is a breast-enlarging hormone. Although just about any method of massage is beneficial for breast health, breasts mustt be massaged for specific way for breast growth. My article Increase a Cup Size in 30 Days with Breast Massage gives instructions for this type of massage.

5) Exercise

Exercise is an important part of any breast enlargement program. Exercising can tone the chest muscles and help maintain their shape, which helps prevent the breasts from sagging. Here are two simple exercises that you can do for natural breast enlargement: For a complete chest exercise routine, see my article The Bust Booster Workout: 3 Breast-Lifting Exercises.

1) Swing your arms clockwise and anticlockwise. Do ten repetitions direction every morning and evening.

2) stand at arm’s length from a wall. Place your palms on the wall and without bending your arms, push against it as if you wanted to push the wall away from you. Hold for ten seconds and then relax your arms. Repeat this five times. Perform this exercise daily.

All of these home remedies are simple and easy, so go ahead and try more than one. At the very least, your breasts will be healthier and look better. They will also probably be bigger without the expense and risk of surgery. Tha's an outcome that any woman can appreciate.

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Anonymous said...

I read your article on the fenugreek herb. Just wanted to find out what can I take in addition to the fenugreek. Surely some other herb like Fenel or wild yam will give better results when taken with fenugreek. Is it safe to do that ?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

I have posted two or three articles on other breast enlargement herbs.