Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 Tips to Restart Breast Growth If You Reach a Plateau

When you first start a natural breast enlargement program, it's exciting to see your breasts grow quickly. Eventually, however, they'll grow more slowly, and finally they'll appear to stop growing at all. The good news is that it IS possible to restart breast growth if you reach a plateau. Here are three tips you can try:

1) Intensify your routine.

Your body adapts to exercise and needs to be challenged with more intense or longer workouts. For the same reason, you may need to intensify your breast enlargement routine after being on it for awhile. Instead of increasing the amount of herbs you're taking, try adding PABA. PABA is a natural supplement which has been shown to slow the breakdown of hormones in the body. This intensifies the effect of hormone-enhancing herbs and can boost breast enlargement.

2)Try different herbs

Normally, switching around between herbs isn't a good idea. Fenugreek, red clover, and saw palmetto are the foundation of any effective breast enlargement routine. However, if breast growth slows, using hops or wild yam in place of red clover or  fenugreek can often restart breast growth.

3) Take a break

If you've been on a natural breast enlargement routine for three months or more and the above suggestions aren't working, it might be time for a break. The hormone receptors in your breasts lose their sensitivity and stop responding to herbs after awhile. If switching herbs doesn't work, the solution is to take a break for about a month to flush your body of excess herbs and hormones. This re-sensitizes your hormone receptors so they can respond strongly when you start your routine again.

Just because your breast growth stops, doesn't always mean you've achieved your maximum possible breast size. If you would still like to grow more, try intensifying your routine, switching herbs, or taking a break to restart breast growth. You may be pleased with the results!

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Miss one of a kind said...

Can you take the fenugreek, saw palmatteo, and red clover all one time, like one pill of each three times a day. , if so, I know you said that you can increase fenugreek after the first week. But if you are taking the three together is there an estimated time to up the dosage. ?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

You just have to cautiously experiment since the medical establishment won't help. Generally, 2-3 times the dosages recommended by the manufacturers is okay.

Miss one of a kind said...

Ok thanks !

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog and happy to try your tips:).i'm 23 yrs and my chest size is only 30A:(.i want to grow my breast size up to 32A.if i consume grinded fenugreek 3x per day.approximately,how long it will take to achieve the desired result?my marriage is fixed on this april.pls reply..dont ignore.

Caitlin MacKenna said...

If that's all you do, expect it to take 2-3 months at least.

Mary said...

Hi Caitlin,I have been consuming fngrk pwdr 3xper mixed in few tblspn of water (bcoz I can't tolerate it's taste),dosage 1/2 a tspn at one time daily since one month.should I have to increase the dosage because am not seeing any changes?
I'm an indian, fengrk and fennel are easily available herb for us.I'm not available with other herbs recommended in your blog.also doing breast massage twice daily with fngrk pwdr boiled in coconut oil.does this oil work? am i doing it i have to try fennel together with fngrk??how could i use it?
waiting for the reply.

Caitlin MacKenna said...

Increasing your dosage is one thing you could do, but adding breast massage would also help.