Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Does Natural Breast Enlargement Work?

It is no longer an issue that men and even women themselves prefer bigger breasts, though sadly not every woman has the breast size of her choice. The issue now is whether a woman can enlarge her breasts naturally without surgery. How does natural breast enlargement work?

Actually, natural breast enlargement makes perfect sense if you understand how hormones work. Breast growth is stimulated by a precise blend of hormones during puberty: high estrogen, prolactin, and growth hormone and low testosterone. This breast enlarging hormonal balance can be duplicated with herbs.

There are numerous herbs with hormonal properties. Phytoestrogenic herbs, such as fenugreek and red clover, mimic the effects of estrogen in the body, while fenugreek stimulates prolactin production. There are also herbs that reduce the effects of testosterone, such as saw palmetto and licorice.

Hormone-enhancing herbs have been used by women for centuries to control PMS and increase fertility. They have also traditionally been used for breast enlargement. To get started, all you need are three herbs: fenugreek, red clover, and saw palmetto. Take one capsule of each 2-3 times daily and work up as needed.

The truth is that it is indeed possible to enlarge your breast size naturally without surgery using breast enlargement herbs. The benefits you will feel by having larger breasts naturally are you will have an improved body image and your clothes will fit you better, and you will not be risking the health in the process.So, if you are thinking of increasing your breast size, look at natural breast enlargement methods first before embarking on any surgical procedures.

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