Monday, September 23, 2013

Natural Breast Enlargement: 6 Tips and Techniques for More Beautiful Breasts

Few women are completely happy with their bodies. As a matter of fact, next to losing weight most women would most like to change their breasts size or shape. If you're one of the many women who would like to change the size or shape of your breasts, natural breast enlargement is a safe, effective way to do it. Here are six tips or techniques you can use:

1) Wear a push-up bra

Until you've increased your breast size with natural breast enlargement techniques, a push-up can make your breasts look bigger in the meantime. One push-up bra that many women love is the Wonderbra Women's No Surgery Add A Size.

2) Exercise

Exercise can't make your breasts bigger since they are made up of fatty tissue, not muscle. However, exercise can tone up the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts, which lefts them and makes them look perkier. My post How to Have Firm, Perky Breasts outlines an exercise program for the chest muscles.

3) Breast massage

Breast massage is one of the key natural breast enlargement techniques. It's also a healthful practice to follow even if you're not interested in enlarging your breasts. My post Increase a Cup Size in 30 Days with Breast Massage explains how to begin a breast massage routine.

4) Herbs

Many herbs can play valuable role in enlarging your breasts naturally. Fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam, and fennel are a few of the herbs that can assist in developing bigger breasts. My post Natural Breast Enlargement with Fenugreek discusses how to use the herb fenugreek for natural breast enlargement.

5) Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Avoid smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco products. Reduce your intake of alcohol as well. Alcohol and smoking have both been linked to breast cancer. Aside from breast health, neither is good for your body.

6) Avoid toxins

Avoid using underarm deodorants that contain aluminum salts or other chemicals. Aluminum is a heavy metal that can be introduced into the bloodstream and lymph systems via the skin and compromise the immune system. Other artificial chemicals (for example chemicals in fertilizer, pesticides, and household cleaners) can imitate hormones and result in physical and emotional disorders in your body and mind.

Virtually all women who have improved the size or shape of their breasts are thrilled at being able to fit into and fill out the clothes and bathing suits they've always wanted to wear. They also receive a huge jump in self-confidence because they feel and look more feminine and have a more womanly figure. As healthy-minded individuals, we know that we are not defined by the size or shape of any part of our body, but we still appreciate improvements!

If you have ever felt self-conscious about the size of your breasts, you are not alone. My book Natural Breast Enlargement: The Ultimate Guide to Bigger, Firmer Breasts reveals how you can increase your breast size completely naturally and without expensive, painful surgery. To find out more, click here


Anonymous said...

I have a question on the breast massage. Does this only make the breast grow outwards, or will it enhance the cleavage as well?

Caitlin MacKenna said...

They grow in general.

Candace valent said...

Hi Caitlin,
I just wanted to say thank you for your helpful posts, I have been following your message technique for a week now, using wild yam extract in my lotion, and applying natural progesterone cream, since I'm lacking it anyway. I also am taking 4 Tbs of Maca Root Powder orally, daily. (I saw it recommended by a Dr. for breast growth. Before I started a week ago, I was barely a B cup, and I was wearing push up padded bras or using enhancements,(silicone bra inserts). After just one week, my breast are already perking up, the skin is much firmer, and my B cup bras are filled out with no need for enhancements or padding!!!
Thank you again!

Caitlin MacKenna said...

glad to hear your results have been so good, but your doing a comprehensive program is the key to your success.